Project & Basic Concepts

PROMETHEUS rests upon three basic concepts whose combination enables the practitioner to understand and design an age-appropriate approach to media education. Underlying these concepts is the idea that a competent use of the media is not, and must not be, limited to handling of devices. Instead, it requires a buildup of human abilities, skills, and knowledge that need to be developed in real-life experience first. An analogue world which stimulates human senses is being called for as the basis for a mature and responsible relationship with the contemporary world of the media. Hence, acquisition of Media Literacy needs to be understood as a gradual process whose progress depends on the child’s abilities at a certain stage of development. Not all media have the same effect. Anyone interested in a healthy development of a child needs to consider differences in terms of senses media stimuli are targeting. A due distinction of Media Types needs to be done as a result. In addition, the ways the media propagate stimuli and messages is another important factor affecting the way a (young) human being is affected by the media. The three concepts are explained in detail below.

Media Literacy

Media Types

Transfer Types