Boundaries between the real and the virtual are being shifted every day.
Inadequate exposure to the media (techology) disrupts healthy development of a young individual.
Adverse effects have been scientifficaly proven at the cognitiv, emotional, and pysical level. Media literacy is being called for. Schools are expected to provide for media educastion that supports child development. Teachers are expected to be media empowered individuals to stimulate the empowerment of their young learners, too.


FRI, Sep 3 2021

Direct and Indirect Media Education

Differentiation between direct and indirect media education has been at the core of the PROMETHEUS project.

THU, Sep 2 2021

Announcing KA 1 Dissemination Event

PROMETHEUS is announcing a future KA 1 Dissemination Event, which is scheduled to take place in early 2023. The event will be a 5-day workshop to lead its participants through ideas and principles behind all outcomes