Media Empowerment Toolkit

. The Media Empowerment Toolkit (MET) is an open-source set of media literacy topics for different age groups. Based on guidelines provided by the Metacurriculum, it provides a broad theoretical view on possible media literacy activities for schools. In addition, MET’s general character is suitable for a number of other than school environments. Various educational institutions, parents, as well as other adults accompanying or living with children may find in it useful perspectives on specific media activities. Methodology applied in MET consists of describing:

  • clear identification of general goals of a particular media literacy activity
  • contextual description of subject matter in the developmental context, designed to meet the development and empowerment objectives of learners,
  • background explanation of why an activity is considered to be part of media literacy education for 21st century, 
  • hints and guidelines as to age-appropriateness of the selected case. 

That way, MET is meant to provide a theoretical source helping the adult to understand media-related phenomena of the present day and get an insight into possible ways of dealing with these phenomena as part of the curricular framework at school. For parents and other child-accompanying adults MET represents a tool for active shaping of their activities with children and youth in order to help them become media literate.

For the purpose of clarity of presentation and to facilitate practicability of the document MET and PG have been merged into single documents on this webpage. The merged documents are available here. 

Teaching Media Literacy – Toolkit




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