Practitioner’s Guide on Media Literacy

Practitioner’s Guide on Media Literacy (PG) is a teacher’s compendium that describes practical activities around topics introduced by the Media Empowerment Toolkit (MET) and Metacurriculum (MC). That way PG helps the teacher convert the ideal content into pedagogical work. Indeed, it is the final step in linking principles and knowledge behind the Prometheus values with classroom activities. It helps the teacher to understand practical aspects of MC and MET.

Scheduled as a follow-up to MC and MET, PG is at the heart of the objective to improve the professionals’ empowerment in terms of media literacy. PG reflects experience of teachers involved in the project: the cases described are a result of pedagogical insight at various educational levels.

Essentially, the link between the Metacurriculum, Media Empowerment Toolkit, and Practitioner’s Guide on Media Literacy shows how to design practical media-literacy activities without losing the sight from the core variable in the media-education process: the development stage of the child. Its typical structure includes:

  • Specific goals
  • Modules (where applicable)
  • Possible Methods
  • Tasks for Teachers
  • Tasks for Learners
  • Further Links and Materials

For the purpose of clarity of presentation and to facilitate practicability of the document MET and PG have been merged into single documents on this webpage. The merged documents are available here.

Practitioner’s Guide on Media Literacy – Method and Access




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